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Fast Improvement on Grades and Self Confidence

When you struggles with a course, that means there are some problem areas that you don't fully understand. I will help you to identify and straighten-out those problems, and you will get confidence and be happy learners.


My teaching is clear and easy-to-understand, so most of our students show significant improvement, typically 15% on graes, within ten sessions.

Customized Learning 

Learning does not stop at the end of session. I will set lesson plans and give assignments to students. During the next session, I will check assignments and update the lesson plan.


Biweekly report cards are issued for parents to review and reflect on study progress. With good effort from students, school grades will improve steadly,


Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

Everyone has his/her own unique learning style and pace, and I understand and respect the unique quality of each student.


I patiently help students understand key concepts, and explain in a simple way that students understand. Either you learn fast or slow, you will get the ideas with me!

Exam Preparation
and Assignment

Finishing questions on assignments correctly is an important part of learning a subject. We help students to understand questions and relative concepts and clearify any uncertainty and confusion on assignments.


For test preparation, I review the curriculum and gather important questions to form a practice test for students to write and get ready for tests that count for marks.

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     I have gained confident and A for Math and Physics.



— Albert, student

       Edward has been a wonderful and professional tutor for my two sons. They improve significantly in Math and Physics.



—Jamie, parent

    Edward's teaching is clear and detailed, and he has patiently help my problems with Math.



— Mark, student

     I used to be "scared" of Math. Edward helped me to gain confident and like Math.



— Preeya, student

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