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Edward's Bio and Philosophy

Edward Chen

Originally from Taiwan and educated in Surrey from grade 10, I am fortunate to have a solid Math foundation from several excellent Math teachers. Then I attended UBC and recieved Mechanical Engineering Diploma, and worked in Engineering fields for several companies in China and Canada.


In 2006, I helped a friend's children on  assignments and found the joy of teaching and helping students. After some success in tutoring and students referal, I have been tutoring since and eight years of tutoring until now.


Math, Calculus,

Physics, Chemistry


Elementary to High School Level


SAT 1, 2


Provincial Exam Prep




Tips on improving Math and Science Learning

There are usually some problem and weak areas if a student is not confident and getting a good grade in that subject. One on one tutoring works very effcectly to find those areas and implement correct concepts so students can conquer those problems and improve fast as a result.


I believe that understanding the concecpts are the foundation of learning. With easy to clear explaining and practice questions with students, my teaching is able to implement correct concepts in students' mind. 

*Assignments are important; they provide neccesary practice to refrsech ideas of a chapter.


*When reviewing a test, try to explain key concepts first.

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