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One on one session is $30 per hour at Guildford library in North Surrey. At other location, additional $5 to 10 will be included for travelling charge.


If students have other classmates to take group sessions, it is a great way to save money!

2 Students: $20 per hour for each student

3 Students: $15 per hour for each student

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What is the rate of sessions?

I will communicate with parents and students about learning objectives, expectation and schedule. Students can also take a quick quiz for student evaluation. I can also provide sugestions and tips for grade improment.

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What is in the consultation session?

Sessions will be held at students' house or nearby library, whichever is convenient for students and parents.


For best session rate, students can go to my location at Guildford library in Surrey to avoid additional paying for extra travelling charge.

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Where do sessions take place?
What's the minimum time of each session?

The minimum length of each session is one hour. Depend on each student's individual learning situation, more session time could be recommended. 


Difficult courses in Gr. 11 and 12 typically require two sessions per week.

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Within 10 hours of session, coupled with effort and dedication from students, 15% or greater improvement on grades can be expected.

What results can students expect?

The most important and basic strategy, although often heard, is to keep up with studying and assignments. With my assistance to understanding curriculum and practice through assignments, students will be prepared when tests come.

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How can students improve?
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